Ventless Flowback Systems

Closed Loop System

Project History

Original Customer request: A system to safely flow back a well containing H2S gas

Actual need: A sealed flow back system for conventional flowback or sour gas applications

Justification: Clean air act passed into law; Sub part W laws became paramount; Operating companies would be held accountable for any VOC released into the atmosphere without being converted to CO2 by flaring.

Ventless flowback system

Construction & Testing

  • First prototype completed November 2008
  • Placed into service January – May 2009
  • Refinements implemented based on
    • Actual field data
    • Field engineers input
  • Quality control process second to none
    • All units manufactured to ASME code specifications
    • National Boiler number issued for each unit

System Overview

  • 31-foot sealed pressure vessel rated for 200 psi cwp
  • 15k routing manifold
  • 1440 3 Phase separator
  • Integral mounted 5k sand separator
  • 6” self-igniting flare stack (2)
  • 36” x 36” water knockout for flare stack

Enhanced Function/Greater Benefits

Steps to flow back a well with nominal pressures:

Flow through 3-phase 1440 separator (Removes high pressure gas)
Send total fluid volume into sealed low-pressure vessel (Gas in solution expands rapidly into low pressure environment, outgassing)

Retention time key to high separation rate

  • 30 minutes retention time in vessel at a rate of 100 barrels per hour return
  • 7 times greater than any other separator available today